US dollar particularly soft against EUR and GBP

The US dollar is off to a sour start this week.

It's now at the bottom of the G10 currency leaderboard alongside the Australian dollar.

The big political news on the weekend was a gas attack in Syria and President Trump tweeted there would be a "big price to pay". That was followed by a missile attack against a Syrian air force base that was initially blamed on the US but the Pentagon said it wasn't from US. It appears it may be from Israel.

Just now, US Defense Secretary Mattis said he doesn't rule out military action against Syria and Theresa May said she will discuss with allies what action is necessary.

This talk alone isn't really a catalyst for US dollar selling. It may be more of a case of a technical break higher in cable and a bit of support for the euro in the latest ECB report.

Still, the dollar is broadly weaker and there isn't a clear reason for it.