US housing starts and building permits for August 2021

Housing starts and building permits
  • Prior housing starts were 1.534M (revised to 1.554M). Building permits came in at 1.635M (revised to 1.630M). The housing starts last month were expected at 1.6M (actual was less than expectations). The building permits were expected at 1.594M (actual was better than expected)
  • Housing starts for August 1.615M versus 1.55M estimate
  • Building permits for August 1.728 million versus 1.60M estimate
  • Housing completions 1.33M
  • housing starts month-to-month change +3.9% versus -7.0% last month
  • building permits month-to-month change 6.0% versus 2.3% last month
  • single-family housing starts came in at 1.076 million versus 1.107M last month. Multi-unit family housing starts came in at 0.530M versus 0.423M last month
  • single-family building permits came in at 1.054M (+0.6%) versus 1.048M last month. Multi-unit permits came in at 0.632M. Last month the permits came in at 0.587M

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Both housing starts and building permits rebounded in the month of August.