Latest growth for the US released at 12.30 GMT

At the bottom of the hour we US GDP for the second quarter of 2015

There were no clues from last night's FOMC statement about growth and they would have had a sniff at the numbers

Today were expecting a bounce back to 2.5% q/q annualised. While the headline will take a lot of the focus we need to look at some of the accompanying numbers like personal consumption. That's expected in at 2.7% vs 2.1% in Q1

For the dollar, we're likely to pop if the number comes in around expectations as that will give some relief that Q1 was just a blip. Anything higher that 2.7% and we could get a decent run. 2.3% - 2.5% will see the relief jump, and maybe just keeping above 2.0% might hold the buck up. Sub 2.0% and we should see some downside

All aboard the US growth train

Update: there are also revisions being pushed through which might throw us a few curve balls