Wow, check this out ….

  • US scientists have found a mutation of the little-understood BHLHE41 gene that, they believe, allows a small proportion of the population to get enough rest, without needing to spend a whole night in bed.
  • Scientists deprived 100 pairs of twins – both identical and fraternal – of sleep for 38 hours and tested their alertness every two hours, before checking how much rest they needed to fully recover
  • The starkest difference came in a pair of non-identical twins, one with a variation called p.Tyr362His in their BHLHE41 gene, already thought to be important in controlling circadian rhythms. The twin with the mutation regularly slept one hour less than his sibling – needing just 5 hours sleep – made 40 percent fewer mistakes on the test when sleep deprived, and needed 8, and not 9.5 hours to recover after the experiment finished

More detail: Mutant gene that allows people to need less sleep identified, scientists say

I have the coffee drinking gene myself, seems to help