S&P down -0.68%. Nasdaq down -0.53%. Dow down -0.67%

The US stocks are ending the session at the lows.

The indices were up marginally earlier in the day. Then a report that the US had dropped the "Mother of all Bombs" on a mountain range in eastern Afghanistan sent both bond yields and stocks lower. President Trump called the bombing a "very, very successful mission". Wall Street thought otherwise.

The major indices showed:

  • S&P down -0.68% to 2328.96. The high reached 2348.26
  • Nasdaq closed at the lows down -31 points to 5805. The high reached 5856 at the peak
  • Dow closed down 138.61 to 20453. The high peaked at 20612.27.

Yesterday, the S&P closed below its 50 day MA. That MA comes in at 2351.91 today.

Today, the Nasdaq composite index is closing below its 50 day MA at 5831.68. That is the first close below the MA since December 1. That is more bearish technically if the price can stay below.