S&P and Nasdaq up about 0.84% each

The US stocks are ending with a late day boost. It was not good enough to retrace all the earlier gains, but it was a move in the positive direction.

  • S&P index rose by 18.94 points or 0.85%
  • NASDAQ composite index rose by 45.969 points or 0.85%
  • Dow industrial average increase by 118.30 points or 0.60%

In the US debt markets:

  • 2-year notes are trading at 1.2181%, +3 basis points
  • 5 year notes are trading at 1.9422%, +1.4 basis points
  • 10 year notes are trading at 2.4463%, unchanged
  • 30-year bonds are trading at 3.045%, -1.9 basis points

Spot gold increased by $7.33 or 0.64% to $1160. The high reached $1165 while the low traded down toward $1146

Crude oil futures were down $1.20 or 2.25% to $52.52

Natural gas tumbled 10.55% to $3.331. Concerns about warmer weather weighed on that contract. The price had been moving into year end. The fall today pushed to the 50% of the move up from November at 3.27.