Just picking up some news that retail traders need to be aware of. Forex Magnates report that some brokers have limited leverage levels on Ruble pairs with some even saying they may halt trading and close positions without notice.

Dukascopy issued this;

“Due to the high volatility and low liquidity on USD/RUB currency pair there is a risk of significant price gaps, which may cause negative equity on client accounts. Because of that Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe are forced to implement a maximum leverage for USD/RUB exposures of 1:10 as of 17 December. Beware that independently of the current leverage reduction Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe may take additional measures including full stop of USD/RUB trading and closure of all opened positions without warning.”

Full story from Forex Magnates is here

Jody in the comments has also said that FX Pro has halted ruble trading. Obviously I’m sure RUB traders are all aware that spreads have probably blown out already and if you are in positions then you need to think very carefully about what you want to do. If in doubt then check with your broker

Update: Zerohedge also have details of Forex Capital Markets halting RUB trading