Time for the ForexLive risk event Public Service Announcement

If you haven't been served notice already by your broker, keep your peepers peeled on your emails and platform notifications.

Margins are being hiked up by brokers for the French elections. Here's a selection of notices.


Margins changed as of last night;

  • EUR vs AUD/CAD/JPY/USD now 1%

  • CAC 2%

  • DAX/Euro Stoxx/FTSE 1%

  • Sunday FTSE and DAX markets 1%

  • Vstoxx 28%

  • OATs 1.3%

  • BTP's 1%

Margins will be reviewed Monday, and again before the second round.


All margins on European indices, spot and futures will be changed to 4% (came into effect 09.00 GMT today)

If you get any notices from your brokers, feel free to drop them in the comments so that other can be made aware.