Comments by WHO European regional director, Hans Henri Kluge

  • 11 European countries face a resurgence of the coronavirus
  • Cases are accelerating in 30 countries across Europe
  • Most European countries are still in the first wave of infections
  • Europe must prepare for the fall, when the flu will accompany the coronavirus

The headline is a little unsettling as we are only a week away before Europe starts to open its doors to the rest of the world once again, but then again one can argue that the developments are to be expected as virus restrictions are eased.

If Germany is a case in point, then the situation can still be said to be under control for now but we'll have to see how things develop in the coming weeks.

Kluge doesn't make much reference to which countries are seeing cases "accelerate", but among them Portugal stands out in terms of headlines recently.

Most notably, some municipalities in the country - including Lisbon - have reimposed restrictions to curb the spread of the virus amid an uptick in infections as of late.