Syria on April 7th. Afghanistan on April 13th. Does he have a target this week?

A bit of a worry is that Pres. Trump has dropped 50+ bombs in Syria on April 7th then followed that up with the MOAB drop on ISIS in Afghanistan last week. The actions were perhaps shows of strength, and maybe even a stern warning to the biggest threat - N. Korea.

They are the largest threat because of their leader Kim Jong un who is a bit of a loose cannon.

The good news is that over the weekend on the 105 birthday celebration of his late grandfather, there were some fierce pictures of his special forces, marching soldiers, some freshly painted conventional warheads,


There was not a feared testing of a nuclear bomb, and the one missile that was shot off, blew up. Failed bomb. Not good for N. Korea.

Nevertheless, will N. Korea tempt the President to pull the trigger for the 3rd week in a row?

Probably not. Although there is similar talk of preemptive strikes from Trump and co. (warned Syria at least and has always been on ISIS's case), this is the time to keep the finger off the trigger. The unknowns are still a problem when dealing with Kim Jong un. S. Korea is just south of the border (VP Pence was within yards of the border today) and Japan also is too close a target.

So look for more diplomatic work from China and if that does not work, some strong economic sanctions from China That will keep Trumps finger off the trigger for now, and hopefully there is some easing of tensions, instead of any escalations.