The latest update says that Beijing has tested more than 16,000 persons in relation to the omicron case but all results have returned negative. Even 811 samples taken from environmental areas have returned a negative result.

At this stage, authorities are not ruling out that the omicron variant could have been transmitted via mail/packaging. It is said that the person infected had received mail on 11 January. The report here says that relevant departments have collected some samples from the mail/packaging and the test did return a positive result for which omicron was detected.

That said, there were 8 persons who may have been in contact with said mail/packaging during transportation but they have all tested negative.

We'll see how things go in the coming days but so far local authorities are conveying the message that there is no major omicron epidemic yet, but then again it could all be for the optics as the Winter Olympics is just around the corner.