Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong. Comments from the Chinese side:

  • The economies of China and Australia are highly complementary and have great potential
  • Stressed that since China-Australia relations are on the right track, we must not hesitate, deviate or turn back
  • Regarding China's sovereignty, dignity and legitimate concerns, we hope that Australian side will continue to abide by commitments it has made, respect and properly handle them
  • The most important thing is to persist in seeking common ground while reserving differences
  • Every time we meet, the mutual trust between two sides increases by one point, and China-Australia relations take a step forward
  • Hope that the momentum of this good interaction will continue


Sounds great, if all a little hollow.

AUD benefits when Australian relations with China improve and Australia can export more to its huge neighbour.

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Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong with PM Albanese