Services PMI in line with expectations at 52.5, in expansion for the 16th consecutive month and another sign of economic recovery in China.

The composite is 52.8

  • prior 52.7


The services and composite PMIs from Caixin wrap up the April PMIs from China.



China has two primary Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) surveys - the official PMI released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and the Caixin China PMI published by the media company Caixin and research firm Markit / S&P Global.

  • The official PMI survey covers large and state-owned companies, while the Caixin PMI survey covers small and medium-sized enterprises. As a result, the Caixin PMI is considered to be a more reliable indicator of the performance of China's private sector.
  • Another difference between the two surveys is their methodology. The Caixin PMI survey uses a broader sample of companies than the official survey.
  • Despite these differences, the two surveys often provide similar readings on China's manufacturing sector.


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