China covid cases

One of the chief risks to 2022 continues to be wide-spread China lockdowns putting a renewed strain on global supply chains.

Cases in Hong Kong are totally out of control and outbreaks are growing in the mainland. China today reported 1524 locally transmitted cases, up from 1100 a day earlier a a couple hundred last week. It's the most since the initial Wuhan outbreak.

There were cases in 20 of 31 provinces but the largest outbreak is in the Jilin, bordering North Korea. The mayors of Jilin City and the Jiutai district of the city of Changchun have both been dismissed. All the urban areas in the province have been strictly locked down.

New measures are coming elsewhere with people entering Beijing now forced to take nucleic acid tests and told to avoid groups in their first seven days in the city. In Shanghai, classes were shifted for online.