At the same time, a firmer dollar is also contributing to the drop we're seeing to start the session. The greenback is up across the board, posting modest gains now as European traders enter the fray. EUR/USD is looking to break the 1.0800 mark, as sellers maintain the recent downside momentum by leaning on the 200-day moving average this week:

EURUSD D1 28-03
EUR/USD daily chart

The euro side of the equation is also contributing to the fall, as German consumption activity continues to sit in the doldrums. Europe's largest economy remains uninspiring and is arguably the region's biggest source of worry and uncertainty now. And that isn't providing much comfort for the euro, as the ECB looks set to begin cutting rates in June. Meanwhile, there are still some reservations with regards to the Fed as mentioned here.

Going back to EUR/USD, there is a trendline resistance to deal with around 1.0775 next. But if we are able to keep a daily break below 1.0800, there will be added momentum for a further downside shove going into next week.