US dollar on fire

Goldman Sachs asserts that despite a macroeconomic backdrop that generally supports a weaker dollar—namely, lower rate volatility, slowing yet solid U.S. growth, and positive risk sentiment—the risks look skewed towards a stronger dollar than most market participants anticipate. This is particularly true against major currencies like the JPY, CNY, and EUR.

Key Points:

  • Lower Rate Volatility: Goldman Sachs believes that a "careful" Federal Reserve is likely to maintain lower rate volatility, which typically translates to a weaker dollar.

  • U.S. Growth Slowing but Solid: Although the U.S. economy is growing at a slower pace, it is still considered solid, providing a mixed outlook for the dollar.

  • Positive Risk Sentiment: A generally positive risk sentiment in markets usually would mean a weaker dollar, as investors look for higher returns in riskier assets.

  • Stronger Dollar Scenario: Despite these factors that usually weigh on the dollar, Goldman Sachs argues that the dollar may see sustained strength against major currencies such as the JPY, CNY, and EUR.

  • Narrowing Path for Dollar Depreciation: The firm notes that the conditions needed for a more pronounced dollar depreciation, such as weakening U.S. economic data and improved global conditions, are becoming less likely.


For Traders:

  • Hedging Strategies: Those who are holding positions in major currencies against the dollar may want to consider hedging strategies to protect against a stronger dollar.

  • Keep an Eye on U.S. Economic Indicators: Tomorrow’s nonfarm payrolls report could offer clues on whether the U.S. economy is slowing down more than anticipated, potentially impacting the dollar's strength.

For Policymakers:

  • Dollar Strength Concerns: A stronger dollar could impact U.S. exports and may require attention from policymakers.


Goldman Sachs suggests that despite traditional indicators pointing to a weaker dollar, the risks are skewed towards a more sustained dollar strength, particularly against major currencies. Traders should consider this viewpoint in their trading strategies, while policymakers may need to prepare for the implications of a stronger dollar.

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