JOLTS job openings
JOLTS job openings
  • Prior was 8.827m
  • Hires 5.8% vs 3.7% prior
  • Separations rate 3.6% vs 3.6% prior
  • Quits 2.3% vs 2.3% prior

This report isn't going to do any favors for the bond market. The US dollar is higher across the board as evidence mounts that the US jobs market is strong.

The US JOLTS report, or Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, provides detailed metrics on job openings, hires, and separations within the American workforce. More than just raw unemployment data, JOLTS offers a granular view of labor dynamics, reflecting the health and fluidity of the job market. Market participants keenly watch it not only for insights into employment trends but also for signals about wage pressures and potential shifts in monetary policy. In essence, JOLTS is a barometer for labor market tightness and the broader economic landscape, impacting investment strategies and economic forecasts.