The major US stock indices are taking a breather at the opening of the new trading week. The declines are led by the NASDAQ index which is down around 1%. Last week each of the major indices moved higher extending the up streak to 5 consecutive weeks. Are we due for a corrective week?

US yields are moving higher with a 10-year now up over 4 basis points. The two-year is up 6 basis points.

A snapshot of the market 7 minutes into the open is showing:

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average: Trading at 36,147.55, down by 97.96 points.
  • S&P 500 Index: Trading at 4,566.21, down by 28.43 points, representing a 0.62% decrease.
  • NASDAQ Composite Index: Trading at 14,171.71, down by 133.33 points, representing a 0.93% decrease.

Looking at the S&P sectors, 2 sectors are higher led by healthcare, while 9 are lower led by telecommunication services (-1.60%), and information technology sector (down by -1.31%)


  • S5C0NS (Consumer Staples Sector): Up by 0.32 points, an increase of 0.04%, at the current price of 747.38.
  • S5HLTH (Healthcare Sector): Up by 0.88 points, an increase of 0.06%, at the current price of 1,533.44.


  • S5C0ND (Consumer Discretionary Sector): Down by 5.64 points, a decrease of 0.40%, at the current price of 1,348.31.
  • SPN (Energy Sector): Down by 1.90 points, a decrease of 0.29%, at the current price of 642.47.
  • S5INDU (Industrial Sector): Down by 2.66 points, a decrease of 0.29%, at the current price of 914.42.
  • S5INFT (Information Technology Sector): Down by 43.03 points, a decrease of 1.31%, at the current price of 3,235.60.
  • S5MATR (Materials Sector): Down by 1.69 points, a decrease of 0.32%, at the current price of 521.16.
  • S5REAS (Real Estate Sector): Down by 0.85 points, a decrease of 0.36%, at the current price of 237.09.
  • S5TELS (Telecommunication Services Sector): Down by 3.75 points, a decrease of 1.60%, at the current price of 230.49.
  • S5UTIL (Utilities Sector): Down by 1.23 points, a decrease of 0.38%, at the current price of 319.28.
  • SPF (Financials Sector): Slightly down by 0.04 points, a decrease of 0.01%, at the current price of 599.44.

In the US debt market, yields higher across curve:

  • US 2-Year Treasury Note: Yield at 4.6270%, increased by 6 basis points
  • US 5-Year Treasury Note: Yield at 4.2118%, increased by 5.8 basis points
  • US 10-Year Treasury Note: Yield at 4.2683%, increased by 4.4 basis points
  • US 30-Year Treasury Bond: Yield at 4.4379%, increased by 2.1 basis points