Economy Minister Sergio Massa was the candidate for the ruling coalition. He has done the numbers, recognised defeat, and conceded in the presidential run-off.

Libertarian lawmaker Javier Milei will be Argentina's next president.

Background to this:


Argentina's economy has been smashed by triple-digit inflation, looming recession and rising poverty. The worst economic crisis in two decades.

Incoming president Milei is promising economic shock, with plans including:

  • shutting the central bank
  • ditching the peso
  • slashing spending
  • has criticized China and Brazil, says he won't deal with "communists", favours stronger ties with the US

Mileil now fronts up to:

  • government funds having run dry
  • a US$44 billion debt program with the International Monetary Fund
  • a highly fragmented Congress (no single bloc has a majority), he'll need backing from factions to pass legislation
  • Milei's coalition does not have any regional governors or mayors
Milei Massa Argentina election

Milei (left of screen) and Massa