The Nasdaq index moved up to a high of up 210.16 points. There has been some profit-taking coming in and it currently is up 177 points or 1.21% at 14710.31. The Nasdaq index traded at the highest level since January 2022 but is still 9.72% away from its November 2021 high

Meanwhile, the Dow Industrial Average moved to a high of 37057.81. That took the price above the all-time high level of 36952.65. The current price is around 37000 up 420 points or 1.16%.

The S&P index meanwhile is trading up 54.54 points or 1.19% at 4698.86. The high-price extended above the 4700 level to 4709.69. At the high-priced, the S&P got within 2.31% of its all-time high level reached in January 2022