Stock Market Update:

Top Gainers:

  • HUBC surged by an astounding 179.26% to close at $0.65, with a significant volume of 256.36M.
  • PRZO followed with an impressive 106.03% gain, finishing at $2.39 on a volume of 150.57M.
  • ACXP climbed 60.94% to $3.09, while SNMP and PEV saw gains of 43.70% and 38.32% to close at $1.94 and $1.41, respectively.
  • TSBX made its mark with a 36.76% jump, ending at $3.20.

New Highs:

  • MTEK and MPTI reached new peaks with gains of 44.01% (closing at $1.44) and 25.74% (closing at $23.45), respectively.
  • AHG and EEX also hit new highs, with AHG at $1.65 (10.74% gain) and EEX at $5.31 (5.57% increase).
Stock market instant update 09 Oct 2023
Stock market instant update 09 Oct 2023


  • ORTX slightly declined by 0.03%, finishing at $15.99, while NXGN rose a modest 0.25% to close at $23.81.

Unusual Volume:

  • MTEK again grabbed attention with an unusual trading volume, mirroring its 44.01% surge.
  • HUBC's incredible gain was also paired with high volume, as did EAFD, which closed at $18.63 (0.16% gain), and SNT with a 7.14% rise to $1.20.

Other Noteworthy Movements:

  • ARMK saw an upgrade and increased by 1.69% to conclude at $25.01.
  • Ahead of its earnings report, APLD dipped by 7.83%, trading at $4.76.
  • COTY, with some insider buying activity, had a minor slip of 0.65% to close at $10.48.

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