• UAW Pres. Fain say strike is working but we are not there yet
  • He says that GM leapfrogged the pack in negotiations
  • There are no new tentative agreement with companies but is making significant progress

GM reportedly made concessions in recent talks according to Reuters including agreeing to place EV battery plants under master contract. There will be no strike in the GM Arlington Texas plant. They also announced that they will not announce additional strikes for Ford or Stallantis. However they did consider a strike at the Arlington GM plant but decided against the move thanks to the concessions from GM.

US stocks have continued their run to the upside:

  • Dow industrial average is now up 432 points or 1.30% out 33552.13
  • S&P is up 65.25 points or 1.53% at 4323.36
  • NASDAQ index is up 238 points or 1.80% at 13458.51.

Shares of Ford are up $0.23 or 1.97% at $12.14 while shares of GM are up $0.95 or 3.10% $31.25