Peace Ukraine

Is peace finally on the table? (update: it's not)

Reuters reports comments from the Swiss President Viola Amherd who says that Ukrainian President Zelensky has asked Switzerland to organize a high-level peace conference.

Amherd made the comment at a joint press conference with Zelensky ahead of Davos and initially it caused a stir.

It was soon revealed that Russia wouldn't be invited to this conference, which makes it something of a joke. Obviously, Russia needs to be part of this peace conference for it to have any real meaning. Still, might be the beginning of the end of this war.

  • Zelensky tells press conference: Our teams start from tomorrow on plans to hold a global peace conference in Switzerland
  • It is critical that work continues on methods used by Russia to bypass sanctions
  • We would want countries of the global south to be present at peace conference
  • We are open to all countries that respect our sovereignty and territorial integrity at peace summit
  • We would want China to be involved in our peace formula

I'm not on top of the details here but on Reuters headline frames it this way: "Ukraine’s President Zelenskiy is calling for more support for his peace plan at the World Economic Forum in Davos"

The word "his" is doing a lot of work there. Previously, Ukraine's peace plan included "a 10-point peace formula that, among other things, seeks the expulsion of all Russian forces from Ukraine and accountability for war crimes"

If that's the plan, I'm guessing that's just an excuse for world leaders to get together and enjoy Swiss catering; not something that recognizes the reality of the territory that Russia holds.