Aren't you all so happy that the US Senate is investigating the banking failures?

If anyone can get to the bottom of the problems its these clowns, right?

Anyway, the turmoil will be kept in focus for weeks ahead:

U.S. Senate Banking Committee says:

  • May 16 hearing, examining the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank
  • May 16 witnesses include ex Silicon Valley Bank CEO, ex chairman of Signature Bank; and ex president of Signature Bank
  • May 18 hearing on state of the banking and credit union industry
  • May 18 hearing witnesses include: vice chair for supervision at Fed Barr, chairman of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • May 18 hearing witnesses include: acting comptroller of office of the comptroller of the currency, superintendent,of New York state department of financial services
  • Hearing witnesses include: commissioner of the California department of financial protection & innovation and chair of the national credit union administration