consumer confidence image
  • Prior was 107.1
  • Present situation index 151.1 vs 150.9 prior
  • Expectations index 69.7 vs 77.8 prior (revised to 76.0)
  • 1 year inflation 6.3% vs 6.8% prior (revised to 6.7%)
  • Jobs hard-to-get 10.5 vs 11.3 prior (revised to 11.1)
  • 13.4% of consumers expect their incomes to increase, down from 17.4% last month
US consumer confidence

“Consumer confidence declined again in February. The decrease reflected large drops in confidence for households aged 35 to 54 and for households earning $35,000 or more,” said Ataman Ozyildirim, Senior Director, Economics at The Conference Board. “While consumers’ view of current business conditions worsened in February, the Present Situation Index still ticked up slightly based on a more favorable view of the availability of jobs."

This is the kind of thing the Fed wants to see to generate some confidence that things are slowing down and that inflation will grind its way back to target. It's bullish for risk assets because it diminishes the odds that the Fed will have to hike to 6%.