The major US stock indices are closing the day higher in what was a volatile day, with the price moving above and below unchanged.

After all the volatility, the S&P indexes closing at a new record high of 5178.52. The old highways at 5175 points

The initial moves in the broader indices were to the downside:

  • The S&P index fell close to 18 points before rebounding and closing up 29.09 points or 0.56%
  • The NASDAQ index was more volatile with a decline of -151.59 points at session lows before it rebounded and closed up 63.33 points or 0.39%.
  • THe small-cap Russell 2000 was down -14.92 points at session lows and closed up 10.97 points or up 0.54%

The Dow 30 was more supported as flow funds pushed into that index early on and it continued to move higher in the day.

At session lows the Dow Industrial Average was only down -29.16 points and closed the day up 320.31 points. The index closed at 39110.77. That is just short of the all-time high closing level of 39131.54.

Shares other Nvidia traded down as much as $-34.45 before rising to up $20.89 and closing at up $9.43 or 1.07%. Nvidia's developer conference continued today and their CEO Jansen Huang made the rounds to news shows and in front of analysts. Clearly, the event was a sell the fact event, but shares did recover and closing higher was a positive result.