The headline has been used a bazillion times in the this plunge for Chinese stocks.

Stocks were slammed to a new low (for this cycle, and for 5 years) for the Shanghai Composite on Friday. CSI300, ditto, this index has hit a record sixth straight month of losses

Over the weekend the talking heads were at it, trying to prop up the dream. China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) vowed on Sunday to prevent abnormal fluctuations

  • offered no specifics on how they plan to do do so
  • CSRC said it would guide more medium- and long-term funds into the market and crack down on illegal activities including malicious short selling and insider trading

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said over the weekend that authorities should set up a stabilisation fund as soon as possible, aiming for 10 trillion yuan size or more.

China's CSI300, daily 05 February 2024 2

The list of woes include:

  • Weak economic data
  • Geopolitical tensions
  • Squabbles with the United States
  • Downward spiralling property crisis