GBP/USD slips to a low of 1.3160

It's early days in European trading but we're seeing some flows out of sterling and that is also sending EUR/USD lower on the day. EUR/USD is now at a low of 1.1675 currently while GBP/USD has touched a low of 1.3160.

The 4 July low @ 1.3171 has done well to hold up the pair in trading earlier today but that looks to be giving way now.

Below this is some minor support around 1.3150 levels but after that there isn't much else until 1.3120 and 1.3100 (the bigger level to look out for).

A UK government spokesman came out to say that Theresa May is looking forward to sit down with Trump later and talk him through her Brexit negotiating stance - which he has reportedly critisised earlier in the day.

And the move here is mainly a follow through of that seen in Asian trading, until we get more details on what they discussed and their stand on the matter.

Ahead of key data releases next week for sterling, domestic politics/Brexit will be the main driving force today.