Can it get above the the 100 hour MA now

The AUDUSD traded below the 100 day MA on Tuesday. Yesterday, the price traded above and below the MA level but could not take out the Tuesday low. Today the price traded above and below, but in the last hour, the traders seemed to have said "the heck with going lower. Sellers had their shot. Let's see if we can take it higher." The sellers are giving up.

Now that thought and price action does come with a caveat - with an asterisk. That is "we need to get the price above the 100 hour MA.

The price is currently testing that 100 hour MA . After the retail sales data today, the price moved to that MA immediately, and fell off. The price went back below the 100 day MA and are now back higher testing that MA line at the 0.75043 level. A move above is the next step IF the sellers are really giving up (or putting it another way "if the buyers really want to take control").

So far the attempt is feeble. There is cause for pause. That can be expected. However, it is time to push if the 100 day MA break this week is truly a failure....