High reached 1.1171 vs 1.1165 MA level

The EURUSD extended up to the 1.1171 level - just above the 1.1165 level corresponding with the 100 hour MA. The 1.1165 was also near the closing level from Friday.

The market retreated and just scooted up to the level to test again - and failed once again. The high may be in place for the day. PS the push higher corresponded with the London 4 pm fixing.

If the high is in place, the pair may wander back down toward the lower trend line on the 5 minute chart at the 1.1123 level. Below that comes the 100 bar MA on the 5 minute chart at the 1.1109 level and moving higher.

A move back above the 100 hour MA should not be faded. The 1.1181 and 1.1205 would be further upside targets on break.