Price near the week's price highs. EURGBPs fall helping the GBPUSDs rise.

The GBPUSD continues the run higher and has moved above it's 200 hour MA at 1.4065. The pair is in a swing area going back to March 20 int he 1.4065-77 area. Above is a triple top at the 1.4096 area.

The EURGBP is helping the upside for the pair as it continues a bearish run and that tail, is helping to wag the dog (i.e. the GBPUSD).

Looking at the pair, the price is testing a key support area on the hourly chart. The 61.8 and a number of swing lows are in the 0.8712-16 area. The low for the week traded to 0.8712. There may be some stall at the technical level. That may have an impact on the GBPUSD as well. Key level tested