Dow was down -362 points at the low

The major indices are closing higher and near session highs. Hopes for a successful reopening of America is helping the indices move higher today. Earlier in the session, the indices were down as concerned about the reigniting of US China trade tensions on the back of the Trump administration putting the blame of the coronavirus to China over the weekend.

Time heals all wounds in US stocks (or so it seems), and the NASDAQ was the 1st index to turn positive, followed by the S&P and finally the Dow industrial average. Disney and Boeing were the earlier drags on the Dow. Disney trading as low as $100.55. It is closing at $103.26 down -2.14%. Boeing traded as low as $124.35. It is closing at $131.38, down -2%.

The final numbers for the major indices are showing:

  • The S&P index +12.03 points or 0.43% at 2842.74. The S&P index traded as low as -1.16%.
  • The NASDAQ index rose 105.76 points or 1.23% 8710.71. The NASDAQ index traded as low as -0.78%.
  • The Dow industrial average rose 26.07 points or 0.11% at 23749.76. The Dow industrial average traded as low as -1.53%.