NAHB housing market index from May

NAHB housing market index

The NAHB has a market index from a came in at 37 vs. 35 estimate. The index rise comes after a record slump a month earlier as pickup in sales and demand expectations ported to stabilization.

Single-family sales: present 42 vs. 36

single-family sales: future 46 vs. 36

perspective buyers traffic: 21 vs. 13

For the year,

The housing market index is -29 vs. -33 last month.

Single-family sales: present -30 vs. -33 last month

single-family sales: Future -26 vs. -35 last month

perspective buyers traffic: -28 vs. -34 last month

As economy reopens, and shut in restrictions are lifted housing activity should pick up. The question is the damage done on the employment/job side which sapped savings from potential buyers.