NASDAQ still lower.

The S&P index in the Dow industrial average has now turned positive on the day.

  • The Dow industrial average is up 11.42 points or 0.03% at 35526.75. at the low, the Dow was down -0.80% or -283.51 points
  • The S&P is up 0.17 points or 0.01% at 4468.18. at its low, the S&P was down -0.67% or -30.00 points

Remember, both those indices closed at record levels on Friday, so any gain today would be another record.

The S&P posted its 48th record close for the year on Friday. The Dow posted its 34th record close for the year.

The NASDAQ index is still lower by about 51 points or -0.35% at 14771.71. the low for the NASDAQ was -212.9 points or -1.44%