Still a down day seems like an up day

The US stocks staged a huge comeback into the US afternoon session, but ran out of steam and the major indices are ending with relatively modest declines. It is one of those days where although lower on the day, it seems like an up day.

  • The S&P is closing at 2740.69, down -15.19 points or -0.55%. The low reached 2691.43. The high extended to 2753.59. The low for the day stalled right around the June 28th low at the 2692.
  • Nasdaq traded to a low of 7260.57. The high reached 7472.57. The close settled at 7437.53. That was down -31.09 points or -0.42%. The recovery from the low to high traveled about 2.8%.
  • The Dow is ending down -125.98 points after being down as much at -548 points at the low. The index settled at 25191.43, down -0.50%.