Dow is higher

The US stock indices have recovered from session lows. The S&P index is near unchanged levels on the day. The Nasdaq still remains lower but has recovered a lot of the earlier declines.

The Dow is higher.

A snapshot is currently showing

  • S&P index -0.28 points or -0.01% at 3010. The low reached 3001.94
  • NASDAQ index -7.5 points or -0.8% at 8178.70. The low reached 8150.59
  • Dow is up 66 points or 0.24% at 26871. The low reached 26765.68

Amazon remains a lower but well-off after hours trading values. The online retailer is currently down 6 $3.83 or -3.59% at $1716.94. Intel, on the otherhand, is surging and is up $3.50 or 6.7% at $55.73.