Gold is lower on the week

Gold , like crude oil , is closing near unchanged/lower on the week despite mid week spikes on the back of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The spike high in yesterday's trading, saw the price move up to a high of $1974.40. That took the price to the highest level since September 2020.

After trading to that high, the price settled yesterday at $1902.94.

The current price is trading at $1892.50. A week ago on Friday, the price settled at $1898.23.

Looking at the daily chart, the 50% midpoint of the range since reaching the all-time high price of $2075.14 back in August 2020 comes in at $1876.02. The low price for the week - which also was reached during yesterday's trade - reached $1878.25. That is near the high from November 2021 at $1877.15. If the selling continues in the new trading week, getting below that percent and swing high would tilt the bias more to the downside from a technical perspective.

Like the price of crude, the price of gold is a buy the rumour, and then sell the news (with a failed break higher in between).

The question into the new week of trading will be "Does the selling continue?" or "Will support near the 50%, hold support?