Nasdaq Futures Technical Analysis Overview

  • Recent pivot point at 10,735 on 10th October, marking the low of last year
  • Gradual rally, picking up pace over time
  • Weekly timeframe showing a break above the yellow channel, signaling a bullish trend
  • Last week's low did not reach the 20 EMA, suggesting continued strength

Key Levels and Price Forecast:

  • Value Area High: 13,243 (blue line)
  • POC (Point of Control): 13,181 (red line)
  • Target: 13,500
  • Stop Loss: Below the low of the previous Friday and below the POC
  • Reward vs. Risk: Almost 2.5 to 1 for swing traders

Bullish Bias for the Upcoming Week:

  • Greater interest in the upper part of the recent trading range
  • Strong finish in the past couple of days, with Friday's bar closing at the top of the range and making a new high
  • Potential entry points: 13,181 or 13,243 (Value Area High)

Important Considerations for Traders:

In conclusion, the Nasdaq futures technical analysis suggests a bullish bias for the upcoming week, with a target of 13,500. Traders and investors should keep an eye on key levels like the POC and Value Area High to join the rally. Keep in mind that trading Nasdaq futures involves risk, and always consult additional perspectives on for a well-rounded understanding of the market.