CEO died in December
Deceased QuadrigaCX founder Gerald Cotten

Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX collapsed after it was revealed it was a ponzi scheme and the founder died under mysterious circumstances in India.

Bankruptcy trustee Ernst & Young tried to sort through the mess, which is still ongoing but looked to be winding down with around $46m in recoveries compared to $215m in losses.

However during the process, 104 bitcoin were 'lost' just one day after the company went into creditor protection. The exchange said it inadvertently transferred 104 bitcoin into cold storage wallets where it did not have the private key. The remaining management at the firm said it was an error with a setting on the exchange mistakenly changed.

Yesterday, five Quadriga wallets became active again and some of the funds were transferred to a mixer.

The collapse and death have long been the object of conspiracy theories and this move certainly adds some weight to the evidence and highlights (at least) that founder Gerald Cotten wasn't the only bad actor involved.

Perhaps one day that Satoshi bitcoin will move.