Many investors have found several ways to turn a profit with passive income in real estate. What's more, they are also seeing that virtual real estate can do the same for them.

Buying a virtual piece of land in the metaverse and building a billboard offers a new way to create passive income. However, before jumping into the metaverse and digital properties, here are a few things that you need to do.

1. Get a Digital Wallet

You will need to equip yourself with a digital wallet and learn to use cryptocurrencies when investing in the metaverse real estate.

Cryptos in the metaverse vary, depending on the platform, so you need to know the type of cryptocurrency you have. After all, you can't buy virtual real estate with cash, and not all metaverse platforms accept the same crypto.

Your digital property will be held as a non-fungible token (NFT), representing your proof of ownership of the land. You're also free to trade, sell, lease, or terminate all or some of your holdings at the time of your choosing.

Moreover, holding real estate as an NFT makes it easier to confirm ownership and create a chain of title. That helps speed up the process of monitoring your property's history to seconds instead of weeks, which accelerates the lease agreements and transaction times of the purchase.

Many metaverse platforms accept more than one digital wallet, so it's up to decide how many wallets you plan on using.

Once you have a wallet, make sure to take note of the set of words that have been provided to you. If you forgot or lost your password, those words would be your only way of retrieving your wallet. Lose those words, and you also lose your holdings.

2. Understand the Metaverse Platform

Signing into the metaverse platform that you're looking to invest in is vital to help you understand how it works. Plus, it would allow you to explore virtual real estate if you plan to put your investment dollars into billboards or kiosks.

Many metaverse platforms let you invest in a virtual property right away, although what happens afterward can differ.

For example, some platforms focus on only creating the plot you're in, be it a particular part of a land or a much bigger estate. On the other hand, other metaverse platforms also create the area around the plot, so you have a view of your neighbors, the people on the street, and the skyline.

3. Get to Know the Users in the Platform

While buying property in the metaverse and setting up billboards are good starting points, you will need another individual to lease them to. You need to market your property or billboards. Therefore, it's essential to connect with the right people on your platform.

Even if you don't market them yourself, identifying which virtual real estate firms are well-informed about your world can help narrow down your options. That should help you find a leasing company that would lead you to the people who fit your requirements.