Despite the chart below, AUD/USD did not collapse and bounce right back. Its not a pin bar (is that what the kids call them?) or whatever, its a data anomaly (and not even that, its just the way it is, see under the chart).

aud chart 17 February 2022 bids

Forex is a decentralised market, there is no central exchange where bids and offers can be collated. Its a decentralised market with deals being done bilaterally, and not necessarily reported to anyone in the moment.

Data for FX charts is mainly taken from a source that uses the bid price as the plotted point on the chart. What you see above is a price chart where the highest bid is momentarily much, much lower than where the market is. This most often happens around 5pm New York time.

This is an annoyance on charts of this type. Sometimes its more than an annoyance as unscrupulous brokers can use such data to tell noobs their stop loss has been triggered. Do not put up with this garbage. Find a better broker.