Everyone needs to sleep, we all agree on that, but as a trader you can miss some important developments in the markets that may have happened right when you were dreaming about your next killer trade.

All professional traders read the previous session wrap ups to get updated on the most important events that happened when they weren’t at their desks. Maybe, some surprising news hit the wires and it has the chance to move the next trading sessions as well. That’s when you can take advantage and place your trades at the session open expecting other traders to follow suit.

ForexLive has got you covered providing short and comprehensive session wrap ups so you can easily find relevant articles and a short summary.

session wrap

Make this a habit, because you don’t want to be trading blindly when something big happened and it’s completely opposite to what you’re trying to do. This way you can avoid unnecessary losses or catch some easy winners.

This article was written by Giuseppe Dellamotta.