As per my preview this was never going to be the simple hawk fest that many had anticipated

GBPUSD now tested the strong support/bids around 1.5485 from 1.5612 prior to the BOE and fallen faster than the Australian batsmen ( marginally!)

Currently 1.5506 but not really rallying too far right now

EURGBP has taken out offers around 0.7030 but faces more into 0.7050 and capped at 0.7040 so far

The earlier dip ran into the bids at 0.6965 so we've seen some good range=trading through all the hype

GBPCHF has fallen to 1.5232 from the SNB-induced heady highs of 1.5370 while GBPJPY is down to 193.31 from 194.70. Ditto other pound pairs

Now we wait to see whether the market really has an underlying appetite for GBP but I remain a rally seller

Next risk event the BOE presser at 11.45 GMT