FXO 01-07

There are a couple of sizable ones to take note of, as highlighted in bold.

That said, all of which may be quite a distance to the spot price to matter all too much. Among those, I'd be watching the one for USD/JPY at 134.00 as considering the market mood, that could be a plausible level in play. But recent lows around 134.25-50 may help to limit any downside though the drop from 137.00 to below 135.00 now is rather notable as sellers start to resume near-term control.

Besides that, the 1.0500 level and key hourly moving averages at 1.0513-25 will limit price action for EUR/USD before we get to the expiry layers from 1.0540 to 1.0600. As such, there might not be much interest.

And the ones for AUD/USD and NZD/USD are a little far away, especially considering that the focus now is on the technical break to the downside for both pairs.

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