Bank of England Kristen Forbes in a Wall Street Journal interview

Headlines on Bloomberg … the interview at the Journal is here (gated)

From the article:

  • In an interview, Ms. Forbes said she is optimistic about the global economy’s prospects given robust growth in the U.S. and the potential for cheap oil to boost consumption and investment in the U.K. and elsewhere
  • That could trigger the need for interest-rate increases in the U.K. from their current historic lows of 0.5% sooner than market expectations of the middle of next year
  • “I wouldn’t be surprised if inflation falls more sharply in the short term, but then as growth picks up, the growth effects boost inflation more in the medium term”

ps … EUR/USD bouncing hard from its lows just under 1.11

eurusd 2 26 January 2015

Usual manipulation conspiracy theory suspects on twitter etc. …. LOL

Moves exacerbated by this liquidity, Tokyo just getting underway and will improve once HK and Sing more active