So what do have to go on as European traders arrive at their desks ?

Well, levels that leave the next moves delicately poised imho

USDJPY has a raft of offers between 104.00-10, EURUSD decent support between 1.3200-25, GBPUSD with more than a few bids between 1.6540-50 , USDCHF with fresh sellers at 0.9150 and more at 0.9180-85. Gold down to 1276.90 but with bids around 1275

Certainly enough in that mix to prevent (further) one-way traffic so we should see some good opportunity ahead of what is rapidly becoming a key Jackson Hole meeting and what Aunty Janet may bring in her latest missive. Is she likely to be anywhere as hawkish as the Minutes suggest/markets interpret?

Let the games commence!