Fed's Kaplan is speaking

Fed's Kaplan
  • The 1Q quarter will be very challenging but will have positive GDP growth
  • He expects unemployment to fall to 4.5% by the end of 2021
  • Forecast assumes steady increase in vaccinations
  • Could see growth greater than 5% this year if see further fiscal support
  • Expects to get back to normal by, engagement first quarter of 2022 in terms of mobility, engagement
  • As we come out of this pandemic, will be critical to take actions to help women reenter the workforce
  • He expects US production of oil and gas to be flattish this year, take until 1st quarter 2022 for supply/demand to get into balance
  • He believes that there will be substantial demand for oil and gas for decades to come
  • he expects enthusiastic debates at the FOMC to figure out when we think we've reached the benchmark
  • once we've whether pandemic, would be healthy to wean off of extraordinary measures
  • must be aggressive while still in the teeth of the pandemic

Kaplan is the president of the Dallas Fed