The minutes are due at 0030 GMT and the sense of anticipation is ... well, absent. The previews are brief indeed.

Here are the expectations of the big 4 Australian banks ...


  • The wording around wages and financial stability remain key factors to watch in the RBA's minutes


  • The Minutes may provide more insights about the RBA's lower inflation projections.


  • The Board Minutes will likely be largely superfluous given the quarterly Statement.


  • There is less interest in the minutes than usual given that since the meeting, we have seen the quarterly statement (notably lower inflation projections) and heard RBA speeches.

Righto then .... zzzzzzzzz


Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Lowe is speaking later and that is much more of a focus. He speaks during the evening in Sydney (8.05pm ... which is 0905 GMT))

  • The topic is Some Evolving Questions
  • The venue is the Australian Business Economists (ABE) Annual Dinner, Sydney

I'll have more to come on this separately.