Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Bullock is appearing in parliament, before the Senate Economics Legislation Committee.

  • She says the Bank is still thinking about if yesterday's inflation data showed a "material" increase.

The RBA must be the only people in Australia still wondering about the 'material' question. Every analyst take I have seen have said it was and that it'll be addressed with a 25 bp rate hike in November. I concur.


  • Would not like to say if CPI makes a rate rise more likely

Bullock is squandering an opportunity to land some blows against inflation prior to the Bank's meeting in a couple of weeks. New governor, but same old same old muddled messaging and complacency from the Bank.

Interest rate markets are trimming pricing for a November rate hike in response.

Earlier from Bullock:

Latest monetary policy decision by the RBA - 4 May 2021