Canada December employment +78.6K vs +2.0K expected

Author: Adam Button | Category: News

Canadian employment data for December 2017:

  • Prior was 79.5K
  • Unemployment rate 5.7% vs 6.0% expected
  • Prior unemployment rate 5.9%
  • Full time employment change 23.7K vs +29.6k prior
  • Part time employment change 54.9K vs +49.9k prior
  • Participation Rate 65.8% vs 65.7% prior
  • Average hourly earnings 2.7% vs 2.8% y/y prior
  • Permanent employee earnings 2.9% y/y vs 2.7% prior
  • Hours worked +3.1% y/y
  • Goods producing +6.0K
  • Service producing +72.6K

My goodness. This is the second month in a row of sizzling jobs numbers. This looks very-much like a BOC hike in two weeks.

USD/CAD has cratered down to 1.2394 and that's certainly the right direction.